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What Is A Composite Filling?

Teeth before and after fillings

Restoration dentistry provides an ever-growing number of options for patients looking to repair compromised teeth, or replace those that have been lost to trauma or decay. Composite fillings are just one of the many options available, but their affordability and great appearance make them a popular option. Bring comprised of a resin mix of plastic and glass composite fillings are perfect for repairing damage, reinforcing compromised teeth, and restoring decayed teeth. The ability to alter the color of the resin until it matches your natural teeth makes it an almost invisible solution.

How Does My Dentist Place Composite Fillings?

Before the fillings can be put in place, they have to be prepared by your dentist. They’ll begin by cleaning your teeth and removing the decay that still remains. While they do this, they’ll smooth down the edges of your teeth and prepare a rough surface that will help the composite resin stay in place. The resin will then be applied in multiple layers, each one being quickly cured using a special light that accelerates the process. As they work, they’ll reshape the resin until it matches your natural teeth, finishing up by polishing it so that plaque and tartar will have a difficult time clinging to it.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Composite Fillings?

On the scale of fillings, only silver amalgam fillings are less expensive than composite resin ones. While they cost nearly twice as much as amalgam, the price is often covered by insurance. In some cases, dental insurance will only cover the cost of amalgam fillings, leaving the difference to be paid by the patient. With every passing year, these resin fillings get less expensive, and there may come a day when dental insurance covers them entire instead of just the amalgam cost.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are a durable and aesthetically-pleasing form of dental restoration that can restore a tooth while improving its appearance. The bond formed by composite fillings with teeth is stronger than that of amalgam, making them less likely to fall out or experience wear and tear as quickly as amalgam. The process of getting composite fillings can cause some temporary dental sensitivity at first, and the composite resin is prone to staining if care isn’t taken. At a slightly higher price point, the resin can be coated with plastic to help them be more resistant to staining.

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