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Traditional vs No-Prep Veneers

Among many of the restorative dental treatments available, partials have some confusion about their definition and purpose just by their name alone. Partial is a shortened term for partial dentures and is a viable cosmetic treatment for missing teeth. Dentures are one of the most affordable varieties of cosmetic treatments and implants, veneers, and crowns, and have helped people regain function and beauty back to their smile. Partials are a customized version of full dentures, providing patients with a half set to replace missing teeth. These devices offer people a natural-looking smile without the costs attached to them and create a complete set of teeth that will last for years.

How Do Partials Work?

Partials are a plate with one or more false teeth, made with a mixture of gum-colored plastic and metal to retain their form. They may also contain clasps, or clips, to keep the denture in place while speaking and eating. Plastic and metal dentures both offer unique designs that suit each patient’s needs, but overall can replace an entire lower or upper set of teeth. Partial dentures are used in scenarios where the natural teeth are heavily damaged, removed due to infections, affected by traumatic accidents, and other diseases. These dentures are made using CAD/CAM machines and other dental software and can combine metal and plastic to suit the patient’s needs.

How are Partial Dentures Developed?

When a dentist begins treatment, your dentist will first take a mold of your current teeth and gums using alginate, a seaweed base material that captures your mouth’s fine details. Depending on your current mouth’s variation, your dentist may alter the design with implants, anchors, or other abutments to have the partial sit more securely. Your dentist may also use digital scanners to gain insight into your mouth’s structure for a more accurate fabrication. In the meantime, they may place a temporary denture in your mouth to help you adjust to the device. The model for your dentures is sent to their dental laboratory to be fabricated, and once finished, they sit inside the mouth as a replacement set of teeth.

How to Choose Partials

Partial dentures take a lot to consider; when deciding on partials for replacing teeth, consult your dentist on what the best options are for you. Partial dentures can maintain a person’s jaw structure, replace missing teeth, and restore a person’s ability to speak and eat, making it a transformative piece of equipment. These devices can keep the mouth aligned, jawbone sturdy, and teeth healthy, and last over ten years when properly cared for thorough brushing and flossing.

Please contact Dr. Ross Quartano at Magnolia Dental in Covington, LA, for more information about partials and other cosmetic dental treatments. Dr. Quartano will be able to care for your teeth and provide many restorative options to help you regain your smile. By scheduling an appointment today, you can be proactive about your oral care and gain compassionate services to meet your dental needs.

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