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Stains Removed By Teeth Whitening

Before and After Whitening

When you’re battling stained teeth, you may consider teeth whitening to restore your pearly whites. Over the counter solutions such as strips, gels, and toothpaste can do a lot to reduce the depth of common stains gained from drinking wine or coffee over time. Other stains require more in-depth treatments or the services of a dental professional to remove. This article will help you decide if using over-the-counter whitening treatments is going to work for your type of stain, or if more advanced whitening processes are required.

The Nature Of Stained Teeth

Tooth staining can be the result of a number of factors, including changes in the material of your teeth, surface staining, or some combination of these elements. Dental stains are generally separated into three main categories, including:

  • Extrinsic Teeth Stains: When staining is present on the surface of the enamel, it’s referred to as extrinsic staining. These forms of stain are the result of particles of drink, food, or smoke building up on the dental enamel over time. The most common source of staining is cola, wine, tea, coffee, and tobacco use. Brushing with a whitening toothpaste generally is an effective method of eliminating this kind of stain.
  • Intrinsic Teeth Stains: When the staining begins to build up under the surface of the tooth within the enamel, it’s known as an intrinsic stain. These stains are more difficult to remove than extrinsic stains, but it is possible. Over-the-counter whitening strips have been shown to work in mild cases, though only professional bleaching can address the most stubborn stains.
  • Staining From Age: This form of staining is a complex intertwining of extrinsic and intrinsic causes. In addition to any other form of staining, the dentin within your teeth naturally yellows over time, and the enamel thins. This combination of effects results in a darkening of color that requires help from a dentist to address. 

All three forms of staining are able to be addressed with the help of your dentist. You can take a good step towards ensuring your teeth remain white with regular dental hygiene, but as we age, even that may not be enough. Seniors, in particular, are more susceptible to dental staining as a result of the aforementioned thinning of the enamel and darkening of the dentin. If the color of your teeth isn’t up to your standards, and you’ve been wondering what to do to take restore them to their beautiful white sheen, call Dr. Ross Quartano today. 

Magnolia Dental proudly serves the Covington, LA area, and its surrounding communities with excellent dental health care. Call us to arrange an exam and consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Quartano will help you develop a plan of treatment to eliminate staining and restore the natural pearlescence of your teeth. This may involve over-the-counter whitening products, or he may advise professional whitening treatments to handle more stubborn cases. Don’t let dental staining keep you from sharing your beautiful smile; call today, and start eliminating those stains with help from Magnolia Dental!

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