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Mardi Gras and King Cake Are Coming, Protect Your Teeth

King Cake

While the parades and partying on Bourbon and Decatur may be off the menu this year thanks to Covid, but one great Mardi Gras tradition isn’t going anywhere, King Cake. As much a part of our local traditions as the parades themselves, this delicious seasonal treat is loaded with flavor and sugar to match. While it’s certainly something to look forward to, it does pose a certain risk to your oral health. We know you’re not going to skip your slice this year any more than we are, so here’s a little help for navigating Carnival without damaging your smile!

Sugar feeds the bacteria that are responsible for bio-films like plaque and cause decay

Simple Steps To Help Your Smile Survive Mardi Gras

It starts by understanding that indulgence is going to happen and making sure that you’re ready to hold off the ravages of tooth decay that could result. Thankfully caring for your teeth during the season is easier than trying to navigate late-night Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Just follow these steps, and you’ll come out looking great!

  • Brush more frequently – While brushing too much can be as bad as not brushing enough, adding an extra brushing during Carnival will help.
  • Daily Flossing – If you aren’t already brushing every day, it’s high time you get started, even if only during the festive days of Mardi Gras. It will work the debris and sugar from the hidden spots in your teeth and protect you from lasting harm.
  • Indulge Wisely – If there was ever a time of year dedicated to excess, it’s the Carnival season. While you’re enjoying everything the New Orleans area has to offer, remember to keep your diet rich in greens, cheese, and seafood to get vital nutrients.
  • Add Bananas and Strawberries – These foods will help protect your teeth from staining thanks to the potassium, magnesium, and manganese that can be found in these fruits. It doesn’t hurt that they also happen to be delicious.
  • Follow Carnival with a Whitening Appointment – After indulging straight through Fat Tuesday, help undo the damage by seeing your dentist for a professional whitening! Anything that made it by your enhanced hygiene routine can be polished away in the dental chair!

Brush regularly, rinse often, and floss daily to protect your teeth through Mardi Gras!

Some Final Notes On Protecting Your Teeth During The Season

We’ve covered all the basics of protecting your teeth, but there are a few things that still bear mentioning. Along with all the rich foods you’ll be tempted to indulge in, there’s no end to the variety of daiquiris that will pass your way. For those who enjoy smoking, Mardi Gras is also a common time for their amount per day to go up. Both of these are going to put your smile at risk of staining and decay. Be certain to schedule a special appointment after Fat Tuesday to help you and your smile make it through in one piece.

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