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Your Mouth Needs Pampering Too! Find The Tools In Your Dental Aisle

So you’ve got a plan for a nice relaxing weekend at home, you’ve earned it after all, and you’re looking forward to that candlelit bath with the new bath bomb you bought. You’ve bought your favorite easy dinner and rented your favorite feel-good movie off the streaming service, but throughout all your preparations have you considered pampering your mouth along the way? Sure, there’s food involved, but what about your hard-working teeth and gums that help you enjoy all that excellent food? Next time you’re heading out for supplies to pamper yourself, consider stopping in at the dental aisle!

Brighten Your Outlook and Your Smile!
Teeth whitening is big business these days and with good reason! There’s nothing quite like a bright, confident smile full of pearly whites to make you feel and look your best. While you’re lounging in the bathtub reading your favorite book why not put on some whitening strips to help brighten your smile while you do so? You could also consider adding some whitening toothpaste to your medicine cabinet to put it all together.

A Refreshing Bottle of Mouthwash
You’ve taken all that time to brush and floss properly, why not follow it up with a refreshing burst of mouthwash to make your mouth feel tingly and alive? It’ll help battle those bacteria that cause bad breath while simultaneously getting in-between your teeth to tackle decay-causing plaque in places that even the floss may have missed.

Pick Up Some Good Vibrations
There’s nothing to make your teeth feel sparkly and clean like an electric toothbrush, especially those that incorporate sonic vibrations into their technique. They cost a little more than a regular manual toothbrush, but if you’re pampering yourself in the dental aisle, then why not make sure you get the best toothbrush on the shelf? Some of these can be plugged in, some need batteries, but the best balance the two by having a recharging stand you can use.

Take The Stress Out Of Flossing
Flossing tends to require a sort of gymnastics of the hands to reach every corner of your mouth and adequately clean out your teeth. Unless that is, you take the time to pick up one of the myriad of tools that can make flossing your teeth downright casual. While you’re picking out a piece like this, you should also consider picking out a water-pick to make cleaning your teeth a genuinely wonderful experience.

These four tips can make any period of self-care even better by making sure you hit every spot that could use a little maintenance. While you’re casually relaxing in the tub, you can be using the water-pick to clean out your teeth, and then make sure that all of you feels fresh and clean by giving it a final rinse with mouthwash. Then pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with Dr. Quartano at Magnolia Dental to round out your self-care routine. You can join the families of the Covington, LA area in making Magnolia Dental your families dental care source.

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