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Why Is Extraction Necessary

Having your teeth removed isn’t a procedure that anyone really looks forward to, and if your dentist has suggested that it might be necessary you may be wondering why restoration isn’t possible. Dentists frequently say that the best thing for your mouth is to keep all of your natural teeth, and they will make every effort to help you retain them. In spite of their best efforts, it sometimes becomes necessary to remove one or more of your natural teeth for your overall oral health. If you’re wondering what kind of dental hygiene concerns can lead to your dentist recommending an extraction, this article will help you learn a bit more.

The Two Types Of Extraction

There are two primary forms of dental extraction, and which kind you’ll be receiving is dependent on what’s going on with the teeth to be extracted. While a simple extraction is the most common form of treatment for teeth that need to be removed, for those experiencing advanced complications a surgical extraction may be necessary.

  • Simple Extractions – A simple extraction involves the use of a few basic tools, including one known as an elevator. Elevators are used to lift the tooth out of its socket in the jaw, after which a pair of forceps will be used to grab your tooth and gently work it the rest of the way out of your mouth. Prior to the extraction beginning your dentist will numb your gum and jaw, so you’ll only experience some pressure during the procedure itself.
  • Surgical Extraction – These extractions are only used in the event the tooth is not able to be accessed easily. This can happen if the tooth hasn’t pushed its way through the gum completely, or when the tooth breaks beneath the gum line so it can’t be reached with traditional tools. Anesthetics are used to numb your gums and jaw prior to the procedure, allowing the dentist to cut through the gums and reach where the tooth can be extracted.

Why An Extraction Will Be Done

Throughout a patients life they have two sets of teeth come in. The first set, often referred to as baby teeth, are milk teeth. When these fall out they’ll be followed by a set of permanent teeth that will last the patient the rest of their life. Teeth are often removed due to severe damage from accident or poor dental hygiene, as a way to solve advanced periodontal disease that’s affecting the bone, or when a tooth has become impacted and is causing other dental health issues.

If you suspect that you may need a tooth extracted and want to ask a dentist more about the procedure and whether or not it will be appropriate for you, contact Dr. Ross Quartano today. A quick phone call to Magnolia Dental in Covington, LA will connect you with their team of compassionate and skilled staff and set you on the path to a pain-free oral health future. Call for an appointment today!

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