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What are Zirconia Crowns?

What are Zirconia Crowns?

Every year dental medicine advances, bringing new technologies and improvements on old technologies to the forefront of the industry. Bridges and crowns have been part of dental practices for decades, but constant innovations have led to great improvements through the introduction of new materials and techniques in their creation. Zirconia crowns represent one such advancement, utilizing this relative of titanium for the properties it brings to modern restoration dentistry.

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

Both of these terms refer to prosthetic devices that are fixed in place, each serving to improve the appearance and function of the mouths of patients who receive them. Bridges are cemented to neighboring teeth to replace missing teeth, though they can also be affixed to implants in instances where that option is available. Crowns are typically used to completely encase the foundation of a tooth that has become damaged. They strengthen existing teeth, improve the shape, dental occlusion (bite), and alignment of a patients smile while helping existing teeth stay in position and distribute wear evenly.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

These crowns are created using a metal that is renowned for its durability, a property which renders it perfect for the use in crowns that are located in the rear of the mouth where grinding and crushing happens regularly. Dental offices mill blocks of this material into replacement teeth that are then fitted into place, a process which occurs much faster than the creation and placement of a traditional porcelain crown. Zirconia crowns are able to be measured, shaped, and fitted in just one visit making them incredible convenient along with their durability.

What Disadvantages Exist With Zirconia Crows?

Zirconia lacks the translucent quality one can achieve with porcelain, making it an unattractive prospect for some patients. New advancements seek to improve their appearance and color of this material, and it won’t be long before this issue is ironed out. Another potential disadvantage of zirconia crowns is also one of its most attractive benefits, the length of time required to get one. Unlike porcelain crowns which require multiple visits, a zirconia crown can be fitted and placed in just one. Unfortunately, this does mean that your time at the office is going to be a bit longer to allow the process to complete, so you trade time up front for the inconvenience for multiple visits.

If you’re considering having restoration dentistry performed and you think a crown or bridge might be on the list, make sure to contact Dr. Ross Quartano at Magnolia Dental for an appointment and consultation. Their Covington, LA office serves its community by providing a range of options for their dentistry needs, and are ready to make your family part of their Magnolia Dental Family of customers. Don’t let missing teeth impact your smile and ability to enjoy food, set up an appointment and start your road to a beautiful smile today!

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